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Movies that every developer must see

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1. Pirates of Silicon Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley – 1999): Based on the “Fire in the Valley: The formation of the personal computer” book. This film, directed by Martyn Burke, portrays the story of how computer companies Apple and Microsoft were created, focusing on the characters of Steve Jobs (Noah Wyle) and Bill Gates (Anthony Michael Hall) and exploring their rivalry in the development of the personal computer.

2. War Games (War Games – 1983): Film science fiction thriller directed by John Badham. David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) is a young hacker who accidentally accesses WOPR, a military supercomputer programmed US to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war. Believing that it is a computer game, Lightman run the simulation of nuclear war, creating a national scare that starts World War III.

3. Matrix (The Matrix – 1999): The first film of the trilogy ” The Matrix , ” directed by the Wachowski Brothers. Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), a brilliant programmer important software company and hacker alias Neo. By knowing Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) and his team, it reveals the true reality: a world dominated by machines that enslave humanity to use our bodies as a source of energy.

4. eXistenZ (eXistenZ – 1999): science fiction film directed by Canadian David Cronenberg and starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law. The film presents a future with virtual reality video game which is accessed by “bio-ports” which are inserted into the spines of the players as if it were an umbilical cord. The story focuses on testing new video game Alegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh), eXistenZ, which prevents users to distinguish the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

5. Ghost in the Shell ( Kôkaku kidôtai – 1995): Japanese animated film directed by Masamune Shirow, Motomo featuring Kusanagi, cyborg that has replaced much of your body and brain with technological parts. This cyborg solves crimes with computer – based and is in charge of covert operations “Section 9”, whichspecializes in technological crimes.

6. Hackers (Hackers – 1995): American thriller directed by Iain Softley. Dade Murphy (Jonny Lee Miller) is arrested by the Secret Service of the United States for provoking the fall of 1507 systems on Wall Street in 1988, so it is forbidden totouch a single computer or phone until you turn 18. Years later, he and his new friends, Kate Libby (Angelina Jolie), Ramόn Sánchez (Renoly Santiago) and Emmanuel Goldstein (Matthew Lillard), they discover a plot to unleash a dangerous computer virus and peer into the adventure, They becoming pursued by FBI officials and other network security programmer named Eugene Belford (Fisher Stevens), whose alias is the Scourge.

7. Nothing is what it seems (23-1998):  German Film Hans-Christian Schmid based on the true story of the hacker Karl Koch (August Diehl), who in 1980 Germany, at the height of the Cold War, inspired by the fictional character Hagbard Celine (from Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea), begins to investigate the origins of political and economic power and discover clues that make you believe in a worldwide conspiracy.

8. The Social Network (The social network – 2010): Film David Fincher who narrates the story of how Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) creates the popular social network “Facebook” and is sued later by two brothers who claimed he them he stole the idea and co – founder who later was thrown out of business.

9. The Triumph of the Nerds (The Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires – 1996): The documentary chronicles the rise of staff beginning with the 1970s with Altair 8800, Apple I, Apple II , and VisiCalc, until mid 90.

10. Home page (Home page – 1998): Documentary Doug Block, nominated forGrand Jury Prize at Sundance. It focuses on the lives of key figures in the blogosphere. Its protagonist, Justin Hall (Justin’s Links from the Underground), considered the founding father of blogger phenomenon appears with just 15 years.

11. Code 2600 (Code 2600-2011): Documentary Jeremy Zerechak time documenting Info-Tech, exploring the impact that explores the impact this new connectivity has on our ability to remain human, personal privacy and security.

12. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz – 2014): Documentary produced and directed by Brian Knappenberger describing the life of American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and activist Internet Aaron Swartz. The film is narrated by personalities Swartz’s life, including his mother, sisters and girlfriends.

13. Within Google ( Inside Google): Documentary National Geographic in which the origins are presented, evolution and challenges of Google one of the most important companies in the era of the Internet and that more has influenced our lives.

14. We are legion: the story of hackers (We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists – 2012): Documentary Brian Knappenberger describing the work and beliefs of the hacktivist collective “Anonymous”.

15. The Pirate bay, away from keyboard (TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard – 2011): Documentary produced by Simon Klose, based on the lives of the three creators of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, and Gottfrid Svartholm. Filming began in the summer of 2008, some time after starting the trial against The Pirate Bay, and was completed on August 25, 2012. You can watch it on movie2k filme.

16. Revolution OS (OS Revolution – 2011): Documentary JTS Moore history that traces GNU, Linux and the free software movement.

17. Indie Game (Indie Game – 2012): Documentary Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky, describes the path of independent game developers, how they create their games and how to present them to the world.

18. Video Games: The Movie (Videogames: The movie – 2014): Documentary Jeremy Snead describing how they are made, marketed and consumed video games, looking at the history, art and culture through the eyes of game developers, publishers and consumers.

19. Hackers 2: Operation (Track Down – 2002): Directed by Joe Chappelle, revolves around computer adventures of Kevin Mitnick (Skeet Ulrich), one of the most famous hackers in the world. Kevin tries to hack into the security system invented by a government expert, Tsutomu Shimomura (Russell Wong).

20. Linux Code (Track Down – 2002): This documentary tells of the history of free software from the GNU / Linux project.