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In reality CSS helps improve SEO?

Anyone who have a website or a blog is looking for the best SEO techniques and methods and have gotten to improve blogs, in order to get higher rankings in search engines. This has increased due to the severity of the quality of maintenance of the Google search engine. Panda and Penguin algorithms are constantly updated, this increases the need for bloggers to find the best SEO techniques to stay in the world of blogs and websites.

In this article we look at some CSS tips that will help you in your SEO practices and consistently helps to improve SEO impact. For those who are already familiar with HTML and CSS will be easier to understand this article. If you have any questions you can write in the comments box.


First let ‘s be clear, the content is king, writing quality content is the key to the success of any web site not only SEO techniques factor. But then, what will help the CSS in SEO? It will help in making your page structure easier for search engines to read so as to track their content and therefore results in better visibility of the website. Which he is expecting miracles must stop now and start building good quality content.

The main benefits of CSS in SEO

We see a lot of misleading articles on the Internet with a label “to boost SEO CSS”. Then you can see which are the main potential benefits of using CSS for SEO.

The main objective for the use of CSS is to make pages load faster, minimizing requests and server images. This increases the speed of loading web site and makes it more efficient for search engines. Ultimately, it results in rapid indexing of the contents of your site.

Always use HTML tags for headers <H1>, <H2>, this becomes more prominent and visible using CSS. Search engines perceive as an indicator of important content these tags. Avoid using the old <font> tag.

Search engines recognize the <ul> and <li> as links to other important content on our site, it is important to use these standard HTML elements to create menus, in order to help search engines in tracking these links.

CSS best practices that help SEO

For WordPress users, many things are done automatically in SEO. Here are some best practices that can help add more value to your SEO campaigns are presented.

  1. CSS Sprite

CSS Sprite is highly recommended when it comes to improve loading speed of the website. Let’s see what is CSS Sprite? CSS Sprite the name is strange and deceptive, not small images, it’s a great image containing various smaller images into a single image. With the help of CSS, we can show users a specific part of the image. In this way we can float the buttons, images and icons.

Why are they important?

Previously there was a view that smaller images load faster for users, but this approach was wrong. With the CSS Sprite method, there will be only one HTTP request rather than multiple applications to load all the images, which increases response time. Once the main image is loaded completely, then you can be used throughout the website easily.

  1. External CSS files

Add external files helps web pages load faster. When creating web pages, the developer has an option to add styles in a separate file. The best option is external CSS files. The same rule applies for JavaScript files.

Because it is important?

The first and most important is the reduction of time because you have no need to write the same CSS code over and over again on every page.

Another important benefit is that when you reload the pages, external files are not charged. Thus the website, even if you reload will connect to the CSS file already open, making faster loading website.

  1. Easily trackable content

Use standard HTML tags to indicate that content is important in your web page as <H1> instead of <font> tags. In addition to creating menus and navigation, consider standard menu labels <ul> and <ol>. and further the <li> and <a> to link to other pages of your website. CSS are spinning around a better option tracking.

The website with outdated HTML code can not be ranked in the search engines due to lower tracking capability. Then you can see some good and bad examples of HTML and CSS for SEO.

HTML not recommended

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  1. < Bold >
  2.      < Font size = “30px” Color = “#eee” >
  3.             All About SEO and CSS
  4.      </ Font >
  5. </ Bold >

HTML recommended

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  1. < H1 id = “myheading” >
  2.        All About SEO and CSS
  3. </ H1 >


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  1. #myhead ing {
  2.      font-weight bold ;
  3.      background-color #eee ;
  4.      font-size 30px
  5. }

Some bad practices to avoid

CSS can also ruin your SEO, if you are using some spam techniques to fool the search engines. Search engines have become much smarter than sooner rather than later they will discover. Below are some of the observed poor practices that should be avoided.

This technique is used to populate the web page keywords. Any web site that contains hidden text intentionally to deceive the search engines can be removed from the Google index and can not appear in the search engines. With display: none; or margin: -999px, with this you can hide the text to end users, but they can see the search engines. Use SEO will ruin your practice if you are using them for spam, you are advised to stop using it.

Replacing images using CSS is a good way to show a good image designed for users, while the search engines are text-only displays. Generally it used in the logo. Below is a way to do it.

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  1. < Div id = “MyLogo” >
  2.           < H1 > Company name </ h1 >
  3. </ Div >

And write a bit of CSS, as follows

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  1. #mylogo  {
  2.           background url (/images/logo.png)  no-repeat ;
  3. }
  4. #mylogo  h 1  {
  5.        display none ;
  6. }

Using this technique is fine, but this can be abused by stuffing a lot of keywords in the title and description. Adding too many keywords your site can be blocked by search engines. You must use this function with good intentions or you will be the only person affected.

Another option is to use the alt tag on all images so that search engines know about the content of the image.


CSS is a very good option to take in creating websites as it helps us to optimize the loading of our pages. The code is cleaner but does not help the quality of content, but it helps search engines to crawl your pages more easily which ultimately results in a better classification. You can separate the HTML content of a lot of CSS code that makes your code lighter, cleaner and faster.

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