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How the BlackBerry Priv manages to secure Android

One of the most anticipated smartphones of the year should be presented in the coming weeks. The result of the partnership between the Canadian company BlackBerry and Google, the BlackBerry Priv which is the data sheet is announced as able to offer a phone running Android with the difference that this originally free environment will be secure. How did BlackBerry do it?

Announcements of faults, malware and other viruses have become legion in the Android community, some of you probably will not have raised an eyebrow at the announcement of the threat StageFright this summer, ie the number vulnerabilities discovered regularly within Android. Most of you would like to access a safer system.

In this regard, BlackBerry has made its mark for many years. Fashionable laptops for professionals because known for their inviolability , the BlackBerry Curve, Bold or Torch have known (and still know) hegemonic times in the field of business. In other words, BlackBerry’s reputation for data protection is second to none.

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry announced a few months ago to be ready to launch Android on the condition of securing the environment . Presumably, he and Google have succeeded since Priv is about to make his first official release and his name is none other than the shortcut of “Private”. An entire program.

How did he secure the BlackBerry Priv’s Android system? The manufacturer has made some clarifications on this subject on his official blog.

In addition to these points, BlackBerry provides easy access to the Android For Work service . The company also adds that the smartphone will also come with DTEK pre-installed, an application to enhance security on Android. It will perform a scan at each startup, you will know which applications have access to this or that data and give you the ability to establish passwords.

If you are already convinced by this information, know that BlackBerry reserves others for later. Let us know what you think about these security techniques and your opinion about the safety of the Android platform.