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Google SketchUp a application to design gardens in 3D

Geographer Google SketchUp is a powerful 3D to design program. It has two versions a free GoogleSketchUp 6 and another for Professionals Google SketchUp Pro 6 .Google SketchUp is a program that lets you create, share and present 3D models. Whether you want to design a new garden for your home, a public park or any architectural performance, SketchUp will be very useful for translating your ideas into three dimensions. And when you’re done, you can export an image, make a movie, or print a view of your creation. Even the most powerful tool is useless if you do not know how to handle it. Most people get familiar with SketchUp in a couple of hours. Thanks to the video tutorials , to a full Help Centerand live training classes, anyone can begin designing 3D models with SketchUp. With SketchUp you can design everything you imagine.

Redecorate your living room; Design your garden; Builds a volcano for the scientific exhibition; Create a design of your business and publish it in Google Earth. SketchUp has been created with the purpose of making it easier for you to think and communicate in three dimensions.But it is only up to you to decide how you want to use it. That said, you might want to take a look at the 3D Gallery to see the creations of others. So you do not have to type the coordinates, SketchUp has an advanced guide system of colors, lines and text suggestions that will help you to know at all times where you are and what you are doing.

And just like the utensils you use in real life, the small amount of SketchUp tools allows you to do a large number of things. This way you will find it easier to learn, use it and (most importantly) remember how to do it. See the list of advanced features in SketchUp and LayOut. Next we put the applications that this program has for Landscaping. Open SketchUp, import some terrain and add a shoulder, plant a grove, dig a lake or build a path. Then enter the design to take a tour of the world you have created. SketchUp makes life easier for landscape architects melbourne.

More information about SketchUp in landscaping. landscape designers melbourne use SketchUp Pro for projects of all kinds Рwhether for modest residential work or for large-scale urban parks, SketchUp Pro is a simple yet incredibly powerful tool for studying and presenting ideas in 3D. It has a gallery of 3D models ready to use in your landscaping project. 3D Landscaping Gallery. Gallery of images of Landscaping. We put a video of 3D Design with Google Sketchup:For more information visit the website of Google SketchUp .