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Fitness application for SmartBand or Smartphone What is better?

Sometimes just a device to have everything we need in the palm of your hand. The wide range of devices on the market is overwhelming and there are gadgets for everything. Although sometimes simply with an application for the  smartphone it is more than enough for most tasks that we provide the gadgets dedicacados. Such is the case of smartbands or smart wristband .

According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania, most fitness applications for smartphones keep track of physical activity of a person equally necessary that dedicated fitness wearables, as  smartbands or smart bracelets .

The study examined 5 fitness applications for smartphones and 5 of wearables physical monitoring more sold and used in the United States, which were distributed among 14 participants had to walk between 500 and 1,500 steps, two osasiones, while the measurement is performed .


According to the findings of the study itself, largely cases the physical motorization app smatphone was more precise count the steps that  smartbands or smart bracelets .

However, some devices like Fitbit One stood out above the  fitness applications for smartphones , although generally most wearables monitoring alograban not a significant advantage over applications. Even, for example, SmartBand  FuelBand Nike  was overcome, very clearly, analyzed by all applications.

But perhaps the choice between one device and another must, in most cases, by the inconvenience of carrying over the smartphone during the practice of physical activity .One aspect in which  wearables physical monitoring win the game, as they are much more comfortable.

In addition, there are other times when the  smartbands or smart bracelets are more useful than fitness apps for smartphones  . There are people who want to measure their quality of sleep but do not like the idea of having the smartphone under the pillow, for this type of measurement , a SmartBand may be more comfortable.