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Applications for your system Steam Mop: How to Clean …

What are the Benefits of Mopping Steam?

1) traditional mop: A traditional wet mop always stored after use. This allows the germs, bacteria and viruses to break down violently. It is also an ideal and fertile environment for unhealthy mold and mildew to grow. Next time you mop you have to work with this contaminated mop.

1) Mops Our modern steam: Always start with a fresh, clean ,, outside the clothing fabric. After each scrub you just have to loosen the fabric and throw it in the laundry. When you go to clean the next time you simply hook into a new towel or face cloth. On the right is the VC3000-Red

2) traditional mop: Your old mop not disinfects as you go unless saturated with harsh chemicals. These chemicals are highly toxic to the human body and can be bad for your wood floor finish. Not only will your old mop not disinfect plants, most often it tends to spread mold and bacteria, as ” clean ” your floor.

2) Our modern steam Mops: With a steam mop to clean the floor not only disinfect the surface with all the natural power of superheated steam. As surprising as it is now you can actually clean and disinfect your floors, countertops, bathrooms and the whole house without chemicals! On the other hand, since starting out each scrub with a clean and fresh towel you know that you are not simply spreading the dirt out of the previous cleansing. After all, what you really want is a, sanitary, home smell fresh and clean when done clean. The steam does exactly that. The above is a picture of the VC 3000 Main Network steam steam cleaner

3) the traditional mop: When scrubbing the old way out of its wooden floors and wet tile. This unhealthy or chemical-laden moisture makes the area unusable and, frankly, toxic for 15 to 45 minutes after cleaning.
Comparative table of steam cleaner See

3) Our modern steam Mops: The superheated steam nature allows quick drying of your floors. In most cases it is seen that drying BEHIND THE MOP VAPOR! That’s right, when you change your cloth often the floor dries almost instantly! No other mop in the world can say that! Our best mops and steam full steam systems do well! The image on the right is our most powerful systems for domestic use steam cleaning steam mop VC3000
Comparison Chart steam cleaner View

4) traditional mop:
The old mop is limited in its use. For the most part all you can do is give your floor an unhygienic scrub.

4) Our modern steam Mops: Our steam systems Steam Mop do much more than just mop. They are not only the perfect steaming wood floor system but they have hundreds of other uses!

More applications for your system Steam Mop

* Just popping in the attachment detail and you can ruin your grout clean like never before.
* Slip in attachment for cleaning glass and mirror brushes, rubber windows, windows and auto glass, as well as refrigerator faces and other appliances.
* Extract the lid from the large floor fixture and has a large super power floor brush for scrubbing surfaces.
* Use the detail accessory and clean the hard-to-reach shower door rails and the impossible to reach posts behind your bathroom and kitchen sink.
* Clean, defrost, disinfect and refrigerate.
* Detail your car, clean your collectibles.
* Spot clean furniture and carpets.
* Iron Steam cloths right on the hanger
* instantly kill dust mites. Flee, lice, scabies, viruses and bacteria!
* And much more.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that steam remnants are better in every way possible! Imagine, being able to clean better, faster and healthier with all natural steam. Imagine never waiting for a floor to dry.Also, let’s not forget all the other things your steam vapor cleaner can do.

Protect your family by removing harmful chemicals from your cleaning routine. Save money by not having to buy another mop or mop head again! Steam mopping hardwood floors and other types of flooring make your life healthier and easier! A Steam Vapor Cleaner is a multi use tool that you will use over and over again. T that the image on the left is for our use in commercial and heavy VC4000 home.

No expensive mops or cloths!

Note: This image shows a homeowner using a large towel. With our sturdy built in clips you can use almost any fabric that can fit in the mop. No need to order expensive mop replacement heads. You can use any form of an old cloth, towel or a t-shirt with an expensive microfiber cloth. The choice is yours. This ability to use just about any fabric saves you money.

Just fold the included steam cloth over the large brush attachment to the floor and secure it with the built in clips. It is important to know that you should not stop and focus the steam energy in one place for more than a moment. Focusing on water vapor at a point of time can cause the finish to melt. This will not happen under normal use conditions, but if you leave the wand, hold the trigger, hold steam and focus on the overheated steam at a point of time this can happen.The same goes for laminate floors, painted floors and linoleum floors.

Simply squeeze the steam trigger and start scrubbing the round-trip area just as you would a standard mop. You will see that the mop leaves very little or no water behind and the soil dries very quickly. That’s. Now you know how to steam mop. If you have any questions we are always at your disposal. The staff of Justo Renew-Always is willing to help. The image above is from the steam generator MR-100 Primo

OUR PROMISE: # 1) As can be seen in the Center partially shown above and from the information provided in each cleaner commercial steam and page steam home who want us and make out of our way to provide As much information as possible on any proposed piece of equipment. As you know, most mass online marketers give you an image and a paragraph. We offer you much more. We do this to ensure that your heart felt desire to make the best choice for you, meets your family or your organization. We want each customer to be as safe and comfortable as possible when making a product choice. Information is power. # 2) We will never try to sell you a commercial steam or steam cleaner or any other piece of commercial equipment unless we find it absolutely suits your application, if we are not sure we will let you know. There is absolutely no “if men” or women who work for the case at Just Renew-It! We prefer to reject a sale then have an unsatisfied customer. Before you buy, we encourage you to give us a call. Put our knowledge to the test and experience the Just Renew-It! Differentiate yourself. Our experienced staff can quickly help you decide if the steam cleaner you are looking at is right for you. If we feel we will not be told! We routinely point out customers who were looking for more expensive units than the less expensive ones that best fit their needs and save them money. Being a thriving business with a great product line means we can offer you options. Only Renew-It!Honesty First!