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We've only just set ourselves up so please excuse the complete lack of content... we will be with you shortly.

What is Phrame?

Phrame is a web development platform for PHP based on the design of Jakarta Struts. Phrame provides your basic Model-View-Controller architecture, and also takes a step further adding standard components such as HashMap?, ArrayList?, Stack, ListIterator?, Object and more... [njentit]All of this functionality was designed to be as easy as possible to use by developers and designers.

Phrame encourages application architectures based on the "Model2" approach, a variation of the classic Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm. Phrame provides its own Controller component and integrates with other technologies to provide the Model and the View. For the Model, Phrame can interact with any standard data access technology, including Pear DB/DataObjects?, and ADODB. For the View, Phrame works well with PHP, Smarty Templates, XSLT, Flash MX, and other presentation systems.

Phrame provides an extensible development environment for your application, based on published standards and proven design patterns. Phrame was originally sponsored by the Software Development department of Texas Tech University and is released under the LGPL.

Read about PhrameHistory?.

Logo/CSS Theme Needed

Think you're a slick webdesigner with l33t skillz? Well we need a logo (the current one was hacked up in literally 2 minutes) and a nice minimal CSS theme for the project web. Send stuff in...


The beginning of bringing in the old SourceForge project docs...

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