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What is Phrame?

Phrame is a web development platform for PHP based on the design of Jakarta Struts. Phrame provides your basic Model-View-Controller architecture, and also takes a step further adding standard components such as HashMap?, ArrayList?, Stack, ListIterator?, Object and more... [njentit]All of this functionality was designed to be as easy as possible to use by developers and designers.

Phrame encourages application architectures based on the "Model2" approach, a variation of the classic Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm. Phrame provides its own Controller component and integrates with other technologies to provide the Model and the View. For the Model, Phrame can interact with any standard data access technology, including Pear DB/DataObjects?, and ADODB. For the View, Phrame works well with PHP, Smarty Templates, XSLT, Flash MX, and other presentation systems.

Phrame provides an extensible development environment for your application, based on published standards and proven design patterns. Phrame was originally sponsored by the Software Development department of Texas Tech University and is released under the LGPL.

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Latest News

9 apps to encrypt calls, SMS and messages on your mobile

After the revelations of the Snowden case and the mass espionage programs , users have become aware of the importance of the secrecy of our communicationsand, therefore, we begin to take into consideration the degree of privacy when using one service or another.

Google announced the end-to-end encryption between Gmail users, precisely, to guarantee the users of its service the secret of their communications. Following this path have emerged extensions such as ShadowCrypt to encrypt messages or the development of projects such as Dark Mail to implement a secure email system and “immune” to spying and unauthorized intrusions.

If we take into account that through telephone conversations, or even through messaging services, we can get to exchange sensitive information, it makes sense that we take into consideration the privacy of our conversations and, therefore, that we look for applications and services that ensure “end-to-end” encryption on the devices we use on a daily basis.

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) published, last November, a report in which evaluated the security of the messaging services most used by smartphoneusers, which, precisely, did not leave in too good a place the most used services (WhatsApp, PGP Blackberry Messenger, etc.).

That a service offers an encrypted channel between our terminal and its servers does not guarantee the secrecy of our communications, there must be an encrypted channel “end to end” (from terminal to terminal), that is, in the servers of the service should not be accessible our conversation.

Another important detail is the possibility of auditing the services we use, if the source code is accessible, at least it can be reviewed by independent third parties and verify that the declared specifications are met and that there are no “hidden functionalities” not declared.

Calls encrypted from the mobile: Android and iOS

Fortunately, we have more and more options available for both iOS and Android.

Signal is one of the products that have developed from Open Whisper Systems and is aimed at making secure phone calls between iOS devices (based on end-to-end encrypted communication).

The use is extremely simple: install the application and indicate our phone number. Then the application exports our contact list to verify which contacts use the service and, from there, we can call them (although, yes, it will be a communication on the data network since it is an IP call on a secure channel).

In the case that we use an Android device, the same company offers us the RedPhone application so that we can also make voice calls on a secure communications channel (using, likewise, our data connection or through a Wi-Fi connection). ).

And what happens if we want to establish a communication between iOS and Android? There is no problem, Signal and RedPhone are interoperable ; therefore, from Signal you can make calls to RedPhone users and vice versa. In both cases, the code of the applications is available for auditing and communications are supported by the secure ZRTP protocol, which is why, a priori, it is a reliable service.

Encrypted messaging both from desktop and mobile devices

There are several options to protect our messages, some as well known as Telegram which, in its secret chat mode , offers end-to-end encryption and in this option the conversations are not accessible from the Telegram servers.

Another known option, and extended in the market, are Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime services ; available on OS X and iOS, these messaging services and video calls also offer end-to-end encryption, although the source code is not accessible to third parties, and we must trust Apple for its secrecy.

RedPhone is the option for Android of Open Whisper Systems. It also allows us to make voice calls through an encrypted channel but, to exchange text messages, it is necessary to combine its use with TextSecure

If what we want to encrypt are SMS, a third alternative to communicate securely from Android is Text Secure although, yes, it is only aimed at instant messaging via text.

In the case of iOS, Signal includes both calls and written messaging; in Android, you have to resort to two different applications, on the one hand RedPhone for calls and, on the other hand, Text Secure for text messages (since this application replaces the SMS container of the terminal to use a secure and encrypted store and which requires a password to access the stored messages).

If we have an iOS device and desktop computers, with Cryptocat we can establish chat sessions through a secure channel

Another interesting service, and also multiplatform, is CryptoCat . Available for both iOS and desktop browsers, this chat service (written messaging) allows us to encrypt the messages that are exchanged by users (they are encrypted and can not be deciphered until the information reaches the destination client) and, in addition, it is a project in open code so it can be audited to verify its functionality. In principle, the communication channel is safe although from the service they try to be somewhat conservative and clearly warn that “it is not an infallible tool to which you should entrust your life” (a fact to be taken into account).

Cryptocat launched a crowdfunding campaign last year with the aim of extending its functionalities but, finally, it achieved the amount that had been marked (so, for now, the audio and video chats and the Android application will have to wait ).

BitTorrent has been developing a secure and decentralized instant messaging system for a long time that, since it does not depend on the cloud, makes information circulate directly among users without having to go through intermediate servers. Bleep , which is what this service is called, aims to be a safe and decentralized alternative to WhatsApp or Telegram, offering end-to-end encryption and available in both iOS and Android.

That the communication is direct between the users and, in addition encrypted, they place Bleep as one of the best options to take into account when using an application to establish secure communications (by not passing through intermediate servers).

Finally, users of Android devices should consider Surespot that could be considered a kind of combination between WhatsApp and Snapchat with communications encryption. The service allows us to exchange images, text or voice messages through a secure channel (point-to-point encrypted communications with 256-bit AES-GCM symmetric key using keys created with 521 bits ECDH) and with the possibility to erase, at will, messages that we have already sent (always keeping control of the information we exchange).

The Surespot service relies on intermediate servers, therefore, it is a factor to take into account when evaluating its use.

How the BlackBerry Priv manages to secure Android

One of the most anticipated smartphones of the year should be presented in the coming weeks. The result of the partnership between the Canadian company BlackBerry and Google, the BlackBerry Priv which is the data sheet is announced as able to offer a phone running Android with the difference that this originally free environment will be secure. How did BlackBerry do it?

Announcements of faults, malware and other viruses have become legion in the Android community, some of you probably will not have raised an eyebrow at the announcement of the threat StageFright this summer, ie the number vulnerabilities discovered regularly within Android. Most of you would like to access a safer system.

In this regard, BlackBerry has made its mark for many years. Fashionable laptops for professionals because known for their inviolability , the BlackBerry Curve, Bold or Torch have known (and still know) hegemonic times in the field of business. In other words, BlackBerry’s reputation for data protection is second to none.

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry announced a few months ago to be ready to launch Android on the condition of securing the environment . Presumably, he and Google have succeeded since Priv is about to make his first official release and his name is none other than the shortcut of “Private”. An entire program.

How did he secure the BlackBerry Priv’s Android system? The manufacturer has made some clarifications on this subject on his official blog.

  • Firstly thanks to the Root of Trust , the company’s signature. A root most deeply rooted to the system and therefore safer. This system makes it possible to inject cryptographic keys  through the components of the device, allowing homogeneous security within the device. (See Root of Trust ).
  • Verified Boot and Secured Bootchain use these built-in keys to verify each layer of the BlackBerry Priv, from its physical components to the operating system itself, to ensure that no attempt has been made to change.
  • Linux kernel enhanced by many modifications and multiple patches for enhanced security.
  • Full and permanent disk encryption via FIPS 140-2 .
  • The BlackBerry infrastructure , a secure global network broadcasting petabytes of encrypted data sent and received by the world ‘s most influential personalities.
  • The BES12 platform used by the world’s leading organizations and PGP Blackberry, allows for secure management of your business.

In addition to these points, BlackBerry provides easy access to the Android For Work service . The company also adds that the smartphone will also come with DTEK pre-installed, an application to enhance security on Android. It will perform a scan at each startup, you will know which applications have access to this or that data and give you the ability to establish passwords.

If you are already convinced by this information, know that BlackBerry reserves others for later. Let us know what you think about these security techniques and your opinion about the safety of the Android platform.


Lipoinjection of buttocks application

In the following text know how this procedure is carried out and the necessary information so that you can have the necessary care to avoid the possible risks that can arise.

What is gluteus lipoinjection?

It consists of the application of fat by injection into the buttocks. This fat has been extracted from the body itself from areas such as abdomen, waist, back, among others through liposuction and can be reinserted into other parts of the body.

How is it the procedure?

To perform the lipoinyección, the patient must also practice a liposuction since the fat that is extracted in this one is the one that will be used to apply in the gluteos. This fat goes through a preparation that allows decanting and purifying it to eliminate the blood content and the anesthetic liquid, sometimes using antibiotics.

Then by deep injections is applied at strategic sites in the buttocks, as defined by the surgeon to obtain the expected results. On average, about 250 cc of fat is injected into each gluteus. Local or general anesthesia is used depending on the conditions of each patient.

How long does it last?

It can last about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the conditions and amount of fat that is injected into each patient.

Who can do it?

Anyone with a healthy condition and who wants to increase their buttocks, although you have to keep in mind that it is necessary for the patient to have enough body fat left over to perform the procedure.

Does the injected fat remain in the buttocks or is it reabsorbed by the body?

Only part of the injected fat is reabsorbed by the body, on average 30% to 40%. The rest of it is integrated into the muscle and is what allows the increase of buttocks. For that reason, the fat you inject should be a little larger than the amount you are finally expected to remain.

It is very rare that a case is presented in which fat is completely reabsorbed by the body.

What is the advantage of performing gluteal lipoinjection?

There are several advantages such as the fact that the scars are very small and that when injecting the person with the same fat there is no risk of the body rejecting it, as well as that the skin of the buttocks acquire better appearance since it regenerates the Collagen and the thickness of the epidermis. In addition its effect is permanent because most of the fat is not reabsorbed and is integrated with the muscle.

What are the risks of this procedure?

It is a safe procedure but like any other, it is not exempt from complications, although they rarely occur. These may include infections, hematomas, asymmetries, necrosis or fatty embolism, among others. Before any reaction or strange effect, immediately go to your surgeon.

For this reason, it is very important that you consult authorized and qualified medical personnel who guarantee the proper conditions and quality necessary for the correct performance of the procedure.

What care should be taken after the procedure?

During the first few days, avoid sitting or lying on your stomach, walking slowly. Follow the doctor’s instructions about the necessary care, proper food, cleaning the area. Use the sash during the necessary time, which varies between 1 to 3 months.

About a week later you can return to your daily tasks. However, to re-engage in sports activities you should wait 1 to 2 months. After this time, you may have normal physical activity.

What results can be expected?

The effects will be observed after the procedure but only after the first three months will the final result, which will give it a bigger size and a more attractive and molded form to your buttocks.

Applications for your system Steam Mop: How to Clean …

What are the Benefits of Mopping Steam?

1) traditional mop: A traditional wet mop always stored after use. This allows the germs, bacteria and viruses to break down violently. It is also an ideal and fertile environment for unhealthy mold and mildew to grow. Next time you mop you have to work with this contaminated mop.

1) Mops Our modern steam: Always start with a fresh, clean ,, outside the clothing fabric. After each scrub you just have to loosen the fabric and throw it in the laundry. When you go to clean the next time you simply hook into a new towel or face cloth. On the right is the VC3000-Red

2) traditional mop: Your old mop not disinfects as you go unless saturated with harsh chemicals. These chemicals are highly toxic to the human body and can be bad for your wood floor finish. Not only will your old mop not disinfect plants, most often it tends to spread mold and bacteria, as ” clean ” your floor.

2) Our modern steam Mops: With a steam mop to clean the floor not only disinfect the surface with all the natural power of superheated steam. As surprising as it is now you can actually clean and disinfect your floors, countertops, bathrooms and the whole house without chemicals! On the other hand, since starting out each scrub with a clean and fresh towel you know that you are not simply spreading the dirt out of the previous cleansing. After all, what you really want is a, sanitary, home smell fresh and clean when done clean. The steam does exactly that. The above is a picture of the VC 3000 Main Network steam steam cleaner

3) the traditional mop: When scrubbing the old way out of its wooden floors and wet tile. This unhealthy or chemical-laden moisture makes the area unusable and, frankly, toxic for 15 to 45 minutes after cleaning.
Comparative table of steam cleaner See

3) Our modern steam Mops: The superheated steam nature allows quick drying of your floors. In most cases it is seen that drying BEHIND THE MOP VAPOR! That’s right, when you change your cloth often the floor dries almost instantly! No other mop in the world can say that! Our best mops and steam full steam systems do well! The image on the right is our most powerful systems for domestic use steam cleaning steam mop VC3000
Comparison Chart steam cleaner View

4) traditional mop:
The old mop is limited in its use. For the most part all you can do is give your floor an unhygienic scrub.

4) Our modern steam Mops: Our steam systems Steam Mop do much more than just mop. They are not only the perfect steaming wood floor system but they have hundreds of other uses!

More applications for your system Steam Mop

* Just popping in the attachment detail and you can ruin your grout clean like never before.
* Slip in attachment for cleaning glass and mirror brushes, rubber windows, windows and auto glass, as well as refrigerator faces and other appliances.
* Extract the lid from the large floor fixture and has a large super power floor brush for scrubbing surfaces.
* Use the detail accessory and clean the hard-to-reach shower door rails and the impossible to reach posts behind your bathroom and kitchen sink.
* Clean, defrost, disinfect and refrigerate.
* Detail your car, clean your collectibles.
* Spot clean furniture and carpets.
* Iron Steam cloths right on the hanger
* instantly kill dust mites. Flee, lice, scabies, viruses and bacteria!
* And much more.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that steam remnants are better in every way possible! Imagine, being able to clean better, faster and healthier with all natural steam. Imagine never waiting for a floor to dry.Also, let’s not forget all the other things your steam vapor cleaner can do.

Protect your family by removing harmful chemicals from your cleaning routine. Save money by not having to buy another mop or mop head again! Steam mopping hardwood floors and other types of flooring make your life healthier and easier! A Steam Vapor Cleaner is a multi use tool that you will use over and over again. T that the image on the left is for our use in commercial and heavy VC4000 home.

No expensive mops or cloths!

Note: This image shows a homeowner using a large towel. With our sturdy built in clips you can use almost any fabric that can fit in the mop. No need to order expensive mop replacement heads. You can use any form of an old cloth, towel or a t-shirt with an expensive microfiber cloth. The choice is yours. This ability to use just about any fabric saves you money.

Just fold the included steam cloth over the large brush attachment to the floor and secure it with the built in clips. It is important to know that you should not stop and focus the steam energy in one place for more than a moment. Focusing on water vapor at a point of time can cause the finish to melt. This will not happen under normal use conditions, but if you leave the wand, hold the trigger, hold steam and focus on the overheated steam at a point of time this can happen.The same goes for laminate floors, painted floors and linoleum floors.

Simply squeeze the steam trigger and start scrubbing the round-trip area just as you would a standard mop. You will see that the mop leaves very little or no water behind and the soil dries very quickly. That’s. Now you know how to steam mop. If you have any questions we are always at your disposal. The staff of Justo Renew-Always is willing to help. The image above is from the steam generator MR-100 Primo

OUR PROMISE: # 1) As can be seen in the Center partially shown above and from the information provided in each cleaner commercial steam and page steam home who want us and make out of our way to provide As much information as possible on any proposed piece of equipment. As you know, most mass online marketers give you an image and a paragraph. We offer you much more. We do this to ensure that your heart felt desire to make the best choice for you, meets your family or your organization. We want each customer to be as safe and comfortable as possible when making a product choice. Information is power. # 2) We will never try to sell you a commercial steam or steam cleaner or any other piece of commercial equipment unless we find it absolutely suits your application, if we are not sure we will let you know. There is absolutely no “if men” or women who work for the case at Just Renew-It! We prefer to reject a sale then have an unsatisfied customer. Before you buy, we encourage you to give us a call. Put our knowledge to the test and experience the Just Renew-It! Differentiate yourself. Our experienced staff can quickly help you decide if the steam cleaner you are looking at is right for you. If we feel we will not be told! We routinely point out customers who were looking for more expensive units than the less expensive ones that best fit their needs and save them money. Being a thriving business with a great product line means we can offer you options. Only Renew-It!Honesty First!

Some Finest Applications Inquire Your Chiropractor On Your Next Visit

Suffering (and munching) involves the Achilles tendon is still in poor condition and doing a great thing with it runs the risk of injury is worse, not even a tear … it would be a nightmare.How my wellness chiropractor works, the Achilles tendon is almost nothing to fuck with. A serious injury is a pain that I never want. The exercise endorphins surgeon does wonders for my mood and spirit as well as the time I consider far away from work and family members of me to make it happen. I like my career and family … but that hour or so a day that birth to both equally lead to doing something energetic keeps me sane. With out, I become a bad-tempered bitch. It started to happen to me yesterday (I had practiced at home doing upper body, ab function and a yoga DVD Thursday and Friday … but it is not). Adam realized that I had circled the swimming schedule in the community pool, and practically threw me to the length of the swim! I was very nervous. I like being in the drinking water, but I never swam for exercise and I did not know if I could swim enough to get a good workout.

I was also worried about the information hounded a bit ‘complex of swimming lane. I should not have worried, though! The lifeguard went around the details with me, and I was out! Surprisingly, I ended up in the fast lane, due to the normal age of the swimmers on a Saturday afternoon (not to say they are not really in quick shape and the elderly, there are … but they were not in this group) and there are People today are, in fact, not moving (do not float, just swim so slowly it seemed to have stalled) in the gradual lane. Near the end of my training, a young gentleman came in my lane and I gained nervous, but we shared in a productive way for a number of a lot more laps, and then jumped over half and cleaned.


In the end, I swam 13 laps (650 meters) in 30 minutes, alternating between freestyle and breaststroke I know almost nothing of the speed of swimming, but a friend who does assures me that this is a very respectable speed and distance for a 1 swim Dimension th I appreciate the work due to the fact of your time alone and songs. Swimming is strange, because I am alone, but not. Even if other bathers can be a little anxiety / distraction … I also like to be there because the understanding I am currently being watched (though only in my head because I was really having to ask anyone else to pay conscience Of me) motivates me to follow likely, and keep track of other swimmers who share a lane I kept my head busy.

What I like about spinning, music and fun group activity is absolutely hilarious … little ‘give me. Obviously, it was almost nothing like yoga! Thus, swimming was not working, spinning or yoga. It was, however, quite a distance away from the exercise / oriented time spent with a bit of heavy breathing … and I loved it (and it feels gross and sweaty at the end, yet even my heart was pounding, A great shape) and felt good afterwards. The focus will undoubtedly continue to swim even though I’m waiting to get back on my feet again … but I’m going to have to do some long groping in my condominium pool dad and mom … and see if I want to be Alone or in a group.

Google SketchUp a application to design gardens in 3D

Geographer Google SketchUp is a powerful 3D to design program. It has two versions a free GoogleSketchUp 6 and another for Professionals Google SketchUp Pro 6 .Google SketchUp is a program that lets you create, share and present 3D models. Whether you want to design a new garden for your home, a public park or any architectural performance, SketchUp will be very useful for translating your ideas into three dimensions. And when you’re done, you can export an image, make a movie, or print a view of your creation. Even the most powerful tool is useless if you do not know how to handle it. Most people get familiar with SketchUp in a couple of hours. Thanks to the video tutorials , to a full Help Centerand live training classes, anyone can begin designing 3D models with SketchUp. With SketchUp you can design everything you imagine.

Redecorate your living room; Design your garden; Builds a volcano for the scientific exhibition; Create a design of your business and publish it in Google Earth. SketchUp has been created with the purpose of making it easier for you to think and communicate in three dimensions.But it is only up to you to decide how you want to use it. That said, you might want to take a look at the 3D Gallery to see the creations of others. So you do not have to type the coordinates, SketchUp has an advanced guide system of colors, lines and text suggestions that will help you to know at all times where you are and what you are doing.

And just like the utensils you use in real life, the small amount of SketchUp tools allows you to do a large number of things. This way you will find it easier to learn, use it and (most importantly) remember how to do it. See the list of advanced features in SketchUp and LayOut. Next we put the applications that this program has for Landscaping. Open SketchUp, import some terrain and add a shoulder, plant a grove, dig a lake or build a path. Then enter the design to take a tour of the world you have created. SketchUp makes life easier for landscape architects melbourne.

More information about SketchUp in landscaping. landscape designers melbourne use SketchUp Pro for projects of all kinds – whether for modest residential work or for large-scale urban parks, SketchUp Pro is a simple yet incredibly powerful tool for studying and presenting ideas in 3D. It has a gallery of 3D models ready to use in your landscaping project. 3D Landscaping Gallery. Gallery of images of Landscaping. We put a video of 3D Design with Google Sketchup:For more information visit the website of Google SketchUp .

PROJECT AIRFRYER The fryer without oil!

Project Characteristics:

Rapid Air technology for healthier fries.
The unique Rapid Air technology enables you airfryer frying, baking, roasting and toasting snacks and tastier foods with less fat fryer  conventional, using little or no oil. The Philips mejor freidora sin aceite airfryer with Rapid Air technology also reduces odors fryers compared to  conventional, easy to clean, safe and economical for daily use.
Adjustable time and temperature control.
Its built-in timer allows you to preset cooking times of up to 30 minutes. The auto power off feature includes a “ready” sound indicator.
The fully adjustable temperature control allows you to preset the best cooking temperature for food, up to 200 degrees. Enjoy potatoes  browned and crispy fries, snacks, chicken, meat and more, all prepared with suitable temperature and time for best results.
With the airfryer you can fry, toast, roast and even bake.
The innovative Philips airfryer Rapid Air technology is not only great for frying, but also allows you to roast, bake and even roast your dishes  favorite: a complete solution for all your meals.
Book full of inspiring recipes.
This recipe book created by kitchen experts will inspire you for a variety of low fat fried foods that you can cook in the airfryer.
It also offers recipes that demonstrate the versatility of the appliance so you can roast, cook and toast healthier foods, more quickly and practically.
Exclusive design for delicious results with little oil.
The unique design of the Philips, which combines rapid flow of very hot air design with star and optimal heating profile allows you  to fry a variety of delicious foods quickly, easily and healthier, without adding oil.
Easy to clean and produces less odors than normal fryers.
The removable drawer with non-stick coating and the food basket can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The Philips airfryer with  technology Rapid Air prevents odors of frying oil in you and in your home compared to a normal fryer.


The creation of a database of email to send advertisements to potential customers is an effective way to promote your business. And with an aggregated email, which doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take too much of your time. Email appending is when a seller agrees with email addresses in its database of postal addresses so you can send information to potential customers.Usually, when this service is used as a way to get to increase your business, be sure to avoid some basic mistakes

The first thing you should remember is never alienate your customers by bombarding with a huge number of applications for your company. Although your customers are and have given their email address does not mean that you have given approval to apply with mail seen. Normally a delicate situation, any business should be smooth in their approach in marketing advertising to existing customers. To be able to properly communicate with current customers, perhaps sending a welcome message generally letting them know you are going to use email append in the future so that they are aware of any special or discounts available to them. Also, make sure that your customers have the option not to participate. Whenever customers opt out, it is important that you respect your choose and make sure they are removed from the email list in order to avoid losing any of its future business.

Secondly, when you hire an email appending service, require 100 percent guaranteed results. All e-mail address on the list you get from them should be 100 percent deliverable as this is what the investment. Immediate loans really should be issued to you in case any email address can not be delivered, because it will be the misinformation that is not what your pay. Don and rsquo; t be satisfied with a discount on a future service; you can choose not to work with this provider in the future and money, then you have lost a service that didn and rsquo; t work. Expect the same level of customer care and quality service from their suppliers that you provide your customers

Third, don & rsquo ;. T go with a system based solely on price supplier. Remember that you often get what you pay for. Although something is less expensive doesn and rsquo; t means and rsquo; s the best choice for your business. An aggregation service email you hire will reflect negatively on your business and either positively or negatively affect its customers. A higher level of service will be delivered that is reliable and high quality usually when payment of a professional company. When it comes to first-class quality and affordable service, a compromise will have to be discovered.

Then you may never be stressed enough, do your homework and researching several companies considering hiring for your email appending needs. By using the services of any service for your business, the cost is not the only factor to consider greatly. Be sure to read online reviews or talk to other customers to see what kind of service you receive. What you should not do, is the first rental company is that they should not be in your best interest at all. Nor is the hiring of less expensive service. It takes a little time and energy to carry out your research to find the best service to help you promote your business.

Any growing business is based largely on effective advertising to consider the options carefully. In order to grow your business and client list, you will have to rely on a strategic marketing campaign conducted in the proper manner. It may not be easy to find the right company however, you might find a service email aggregation that is committed to help improve your business effectively and appropriately through valuable data bases. Finding a company with goals and values similar to what your company stands

Fitness application for SmartBand or Smartphone What is better?

Sometimes just a device to have everything we need in the palm of your hand. The wide range of devices on the market is overwhelming and there are gadgets for everything. Although sometimes simply with an application for the  smartphone it is more than enough for most tasks that we provide the gadgets dedicacados. Such is the case of smartbands or smart wristband .

According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania, most fitness applications for smartphones keep track of physical activity of a person equally necessary that dedicated fitness wearables, as  smartbands or smart bracelets .

The study examined 5 fitness applications for smartphones and 5 of wearables physical monitoring more sold and used in the United States, which were distributed among 14 participants had to walk between 500 and 1,500 steps, two osasiones, while the measurement is performed .


According to the findings of the study itself, largely cases the physical motorization app smatphone was more precise count the steps that  smartbands or smart bracelets .

However, some devices like Fitbit One stood out above the  fitness applications for smartphones , although generally most wearables monitoring alograban not a significant advantage over applications. Even, for example, SmartBand  FuelBand Nike  was overcome, very clearly, analyzed by all applications.

But perhaps the choice between one device and another must, in most cases, by the inconvenience of carrying over the smartphone during the practice of physical activity .One aspect in which  wearables physical monitoring win the game, as they are much more comfortable.

In addition, there are other times when the  smartbands or smart bracelets are more useful than fitness apps for smartphones  . There are people who want to measure their quality of sleep but do not like the idea of having the smartphone under the pillow, for this type of measurement , a SmartBand may be more comfortable.

In reality CSS helps improve SEO?

Anyone who have a website or a blog is looking for the best SEO techniques and methods and have gotten to improve blogs, in order to get higher rankings in search engines. This has increased due to the severity of the quality of maintenance of the Google search engine. Panda and Penguin algorithms are constantly updated, this increases the need for bloggers to find the best SEO techniques to stay in the world of blogs and websites.

In this article we look at some CSS tips that will help you in your SEO practices and consistently helps to improve SEO impact. For those who are already familiar with HTML and CSS will be easier to understand this article. If you have any questions you can write in the comments box.


First let ‘s be clear, the content is king, writing quality content is the key to the success of any web site not only SEO techniques factor. But then, what will help the CSS in SEO? It will help in making your page structure easier for search engines to read so as to track their content and therefore results in better visibility of the website. Which he is expecting miracles must stop now and start building good quality content.

The main benefits of CSS in SEO

We see a lot of misleading articles on the Internet with a label “to boost SEO CSS”. Then you can see which are the main potential benefits of using CSS for SEO.

  • Make lighter and faster page

The main objective for the use of CSS is to make pages load faster, minimizing requests and server images. This increases the speed of loading web site and makes it more efficient for search engines. Ultimately, it results in rapid indexing of the contents of your site.

  • Search engines recognize standard labels

Always use HTML tags for headers <H1>, <H2>, this becomes more prominent and visible using CSS. Search engines perceive as an indicator of important content these tags. Avoid using the old <font> tag.

  • menus

Search engines recognize the <ul> and <li> as links to other important content on our site, it is important to use these standard HTML elements to create menus, in order to help search engines in tracking these links.

CSS best practices that help SEO

For WordPress users, many things are done automatically in SEO. Here are some best practices that can help add more value to your SEO campaigns are presented.

  1. CSS Sprite

CSS Sprite is highly recommended when it comes to improve loading speed of the website. Let’s see what is CSS Sprite? CSS Sprite the name is strange and deceptive, not small images, it’s a great image containing various smaller images into a single image. With the help of CSS, we can show users a specific part of the image. In this way we can float the buttons, images and icons.

Why are they important?

Previously there was a view that smaller images load faster for users, but this approach was wrong. With the CSS Sprite method, there will be only one HTTP request rather than multiple applications to load all the images, which increases response time. Once the main image is loaded completely, then you can be used throughout the website easily.

  1. External CSS files

Add external files helps web pages load faster. When creating web pages, the developer has an option to add styles in a separate file. The best option is external CSS files. The same rule applies for JavaScript files.

Because it is important?

The first and most important is the reduction of time because you have no need to write the same CSS code over and over again on every page.

Another important benefit is that when you reload the pages, external files are not charged. Thus the website, even if you reload will connect to the CSS file already open, making faster loading website.

  1. Easily trackable content

Use standard HTML tags to indicate that content is important in your web page as <H1> instead of <font> tags. In addition to creating menus and navigation, consider standard menu labels <ul> and <ol>. and further the <li> and <a> to link to other pages of your website. CSS are spinning around a better option tracking.

The website with outdated HTML code can not be ranked in the search engines due to lower tracking capability. Then you can see some good and bad examples of HTML and CSS for SEO.

HTML not recommended

view plain copy to clipboard print ?
  1. < Bold >
  2.      < Font size = “30px” Color = “#eee” >
  3.             All About SEO and CSS
  4.      </ Font >
  5. </ Bold >

HTML recommended

view plain copy to clipboard print ?
  1. < H1 id = “myheading” >
  2.        All About SEO and CSS
  3. </ H1 >


view plain copy to clipboard print ?
  1. #myhead ing {
  2.      font-weight bold ;
  3.      background-color #eee ;
  4.      font-size 30px
  5. }

Some bad practices to avoid

CSS can also ruin your SEO, if you are using some spam techniques to fool the search engines. Search engines have become much smarter than sooner rather than later they will discover. Below are some of the observed poor practices that should be avoided.

  • Use CSS to hide text

This technique is used to populate the web page keywords. Any web site that contains hidden text intentionally to deceive the search engines can be removed from the Google index and can not appear in the search engines. With display: none; or margin: -999px, with this you can hide the text to end users, but they can see the search engines. Use SEO will ruin your practice if you are using them for spam, you are advised to stop using it.

  • Using CSS to replace images

Replacing images using CSS is a good way to show a good image designed for users, while the search engines are text-only displays. Generally it used in the logo. Below is a way to do it.

view plain copy to clipboard print ?
  1. < Div id = “MyLogo” >
  2.           < H1 > Company name </ h1 >
  3. </ Div >

And write a bit of CSS, as follows

view plain copy to clipboard print ?
  1. #mylogo  {
  2.           background url (/images/logo.png)  no-repeat ;
  3. }
  4. #mylogo  h 1  {
  5.        display none ;
  6. }

Using this technique is fine, but this can be abused by stuffing a lot of keywords in the title and description. Adding too many keywords your site can be blocked by search engines. You must use this function with good intentions or you will be the only person affected.

Another option is to use the alt tag on all images so that search engines know about the content of the image.


CSS is a very good option to take in creating websites as it helps us to optimize the loading of our pages. The code is cleaner but does not help the quality of content, but it helps search engines to crawl your pages more easily which ultimately results in a better classification. You can separate the HTML content of a lot of CSS code that makes your code lighter, cleaner and faster.

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7 preventive practices against malware and viruses on your website

7 preventive practices against malware and viruses on your websiteMalware and viruses on websites are a currency of the day. With increasing frequency sites infected with malicious code are. Most infections sometimes cause loss of web positioning, blocking in browsers, loss of reputation against different ISPs email (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) and above all time while we deal with the situation.

These are just some of the effects that can be generated as a result of having malware on our website. So today we will share with you 7 steps or practices to prevent virus infections and malware on websites.

7 steps to prevent malware and viruses on your websites

There are many factors that can trigger an infection. In fact long ago we published a post that dealt in abasic way when we show up blocked by Google to level browsers:  Google malicious site blocking me: what do I do?

Today we will try to explore the main reasons to take preventive action to avoid infections.

1) Strong Passwords:  although we repeat since we can remember, ignore users to use strong passwords and in some cases are infections prior to cracking weak passwords. A strong password must be 8 characters minimum, and include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. This rule is very important to prevent malware and applies to all types of area that requires a user name and password, whether email, cPanel, FTP, access to a website, WordPress, etc.

2) Scan local network and PCs: make frequent scans the network and PCs from where they are kept and connect to the websites it is essential. Often local networks are infected with viruses, Trojans, etc. and these websites are automatically uploaded while the user works with not very secure protocols such as FTP for example. To prevent malware on your web recalls also prevent your computer and local network.

3) Pirated software: the previous point also occurs very often if pirated software is used, cracked by any third party that injects malicious code into the software in addition to free him and make “free” information from the PC, connections and uses They are made. Sometimes it is better to pay a few dollars for a good software, legitimate, incurring unnecessary risks.

4) writeable: if you need to write to a file or directory through a script with permissions using 755 should be enough, should not be used permissions 777. In Infranetworking in all our plans Shared Hosting (Virtual, multidomain, WordPress, Joomla), and 99% of Dedicated Servers and Cloud VPS run suPHP , a technology that allows safe use permits (755), if you are our customer using 755 should be sufficient to write PHP without violating your site.

5) Update software:  to prevent malware should keep CMS (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.) updated, as well as their plugins / components and themes. To better exemplify: 90% of infections are caused by WordPress running very old versions of this popular content management. With Joomla happens almost equal, it is absolutely necessary to keep them always updated, not just the software itself, but also all plugins and themes.

6) Using Antivirus: Locally, they must use a good antivirus and / or security suite that includes full anti spyware, keyloggers, malware, etc. In Windows you can use Karspersky, Symantec and AVG antivirus on Mac you have Avira, AVG or MacKeeper. And if you run Linux there are options like ClamAV, CXS or Maldetect.

7) Operating system: another measure to prevent malware is to avoid using Windows locally. Today at desktop level remains the most vulnerable to attacks, partly as designed, and partly operating system because it has a large market share, and it is logical that one of the preferred platforms to deliver all types of virus and malware.

If you can switch to Linux, where you will have a much safer, better platform but another alternative would be to use Mac, which has a base of Unix and also makes it less prone to viruses and malware compared to Windows.

What do I do if my site is infected?

1)  In case of being infected by malware or viruses, they can use these tools to get more information on infection:

  • UnmaskParasites
  • VirusTotal
  • Sucuri
  • Online Link Scan

You should inspect the files and see the same code. If your site run WordPress plugins there are several that can help you:

  • Sucuri WordPress Security
  • Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI

Note: If you have a plan or Cloud Shared Hosting / Dedicated with contracted Administration can scan the code of your website for malware or viruses, our technicians will help instantly.

2) After cleaning the site ideally StopBadware ask Google or do a site review to avoid any blocking in browsers, here is more information:

  • https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/168328?hl=es
  • https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2600725?hl=en
  • https://www.stopbadware.org/request-review
  • http://cybersecurityportal.com/jobs/


As we could see, malware infections and viruses on websites can have terrible consequences for the SEO, user experience and potential customers. Updating the software and use correct permissions are the main weapons to combat the virus, although infections infected local networks and weak passwords are another common cause.

Follow these 7 steps to prevent malware and viruses and we are sure you’ll have a much more secure and reliable web, for the eyes of Uncle Google, and for your audience.

They derecognised websites that offer “electronic cigarette”

It was at the disposal of the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT). They considered that the efficacy and safety of the object as a substitute for quitting was not scientifically proven, nor its exact chemical composition is known.

They derecognised websites that offer "electronic cigarette"

Web sites touting the sale of “best electronic cigarette in the UK” as a substitute for snuff consumption were discharged for disposal of the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT).

The decision of the agency under the Ministry of Health of the Nation was after considering that the efficacy and safety of “electronic cigarette” as a substitute for quitting was not scientifically proven, nor its exact chemical composition is known.

“The public are reminded to not be acquired or used such devices and may be denounced illegitimate internet sales and misleading advertising of health products” , the Ministry of Health said in a statement.

The complaint of the ANMAT to deregister the websites was to the Directorate of Internet Domain Registries, and covered the www.fumarelectronico.com.ar pages, www.ecigarrillo.com.ar and www.argentinagreensmoke.com. ar, as officially it reported.

They were discharged after negotiations, concretized through the Program Monitoring and Control of Advertising and Promotion ANMAT.

Websites development: the role of seo companies

For a website development  effectively and short – term companies can resort to SEO (Search Engine optmization).These companies have not only the right people for the job, but has the tools and techniques needed to achieve development websites so will yield positive results.

These companies provide a full service search engine marketing, site optimization and web positioning .

These companies are dedicated to finding advertisers, advise, create ads for the Internet. So these consultants develop Internet marketing plans evaluating what are the best strategies for website development .

These companies of local seo brisbane for website development will stop in the analysis of factors that make the internal structure of the page, namely:

– Contents: having good content is crucial. They must be clear and simple. Include keywords that refer to our site. The keywords are critical in any developing websites because of them it depends on the success of indexing by search engines.

– Design: must be dynamic and attractive. A little striking design and having a complicated navigation users will only wear other pages abandoning ours. The Internet audience is very demanding we offer interesting pages.

– Use web technologies that are compatible with search engine technologies for proper indexing.

– Getting quality links is very important to increase search engine positions. So link page related orderly and clearly increase our web traffic.

The need for development of websites arises following the advance of new technologies, and because companies failed to see the benefits flinging online marketing when promoting products and services.

Some of the benefits are:

– Internet marketing allows users to have information about the product very easily and on time.

– Internet marketing has the advantage of offering much cheaper than traditional advertising media options.

– The online marketing crosses all borders and reaches around the world.

– It allows us to perform an analysis of market and constantly adjust marketing strategies according to the needs of users.

– Internet is an interactive medium, and that’s an advantage for internet marketing. It is allowing us to meet this need of users at different times and adapt to it.

– Increase traffic to our website and that the possibility of winning potential customers and improve our profitability.

For all these advantages is as important task that meets business seo when performing website development.

Movies that every developer must see

You can easily find all these below movies on putlocker

1. Pirates of Silicon Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley – 1999): Based on the “Fire in the Valley: The formation of the personal computer” book. This film, directed by Martyn Burke, portrays the story of how computer companies Apple and Microsoft were created, focusing on the characters of Steve Jobs (Noah Wyle) and Bill Gates (Anthony Michael Hall) and exploring their rivalry in the development of the personal computer.

2. War Games (War Games – 1983): Film science fiction thriller directed by John Badham. David Lightman (Matthew Broderick) is a young hacker who accidentally accesses WOPR, a military supercomputer programmed US to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war. Believing that it is a computer game, Lightman run the simulation of nuclear war, creating a national scare that starts World War III.

3. Matrix (The Matrix – 1999): The first film of the trilogy ” The Matrix , ” directed by the Wachowski Brothers. Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), a brilliant programmer important software company and hacker alias Neo. By knowing Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) and his team, it reveals the true reality: a world dominated by machines that enslave humanity to use our bodies as a source of energy.

4. eXistenZ (eXistenZ – 1999): science fiction film directed by Canadian David Cronenberg and starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law. The film presents a future with virtual reality video game which is accessed by “bio-ports” which are inserted into the spines of the players as if it were an umbilical cord. The story focuses on testing new video game Alegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh), eXistenZ, which prevents users to distinguish the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

5. Ghost in the Shell ( Kôkaku kidôtai – 1995): Japanese animated film directed by Masamune Shirow, Motomo featuring Kusanagi, cyborg that has replaced much of your body and brain with technological parts. This cyborg solves crimes with computer – based and is in charge of covert operations “Section 9”, whichspecializes in technological crimes.

6. Hackers (Hackers – 1995): American thriller directed by Iain Softley. Dade Murphy (Jonny Lee Miller) is arrested by the Secret Service of the United States for provoking the fall of 1507 systems on Wall Street in 1988, so it is forbidden totouch a single computer or phone until you turn 18. Years later, he and his new friends, Kate Libby (Angelina Jolie), Ramόn Sánchez (Renoly Santiago) and Emmanuel Goldstein (Matthew Lillard), they discover a plot to unleash a dangerous computer virus and peer into the adventure, They becoming pursued by FBI officials and other network security programmer named Eugene Belford (Fisher Stevens), whose alias is the Scourge.

7. Nothing is what it seems (23-1998):  German Film Hans-Christian Schmid based on the true story of the hacker Karl Koch (August Diehl), who in 1980 Germany, at the height of the Cold War, inspired by the fictional character Hagbard Celine (from Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea), begins to investigate the origins of political and economic power and discover clues that make you believe in a worldwide conspiracy.

8. The Social Network (The social network – 2010): Film David Fincher who narrates the story of how Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) creates the popular social network “Facebook” and is sued later by two brothers who claimed he them he stole the idea and co – founder who later was thrown out of business.

9. The Triumph of the Nerds (The Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires – 1996): The documentary chronicles the rise of staff beginning with the 1970s with Altair 8800, Apple I, Apple II , and VisiCalc, until mid 90.

10. Home page (Home page – 1998): Documentary Doug Block, nominated forGrand Jury Prize at Sundance. It focuses on the lives of key figures in the blogosphere. Its protagonist, Justin Hall (Justin’s Links from the Underground), considered the founding father of blogger phenomenon appears with just 15 years.

11. Code 2600 (Code 2600-2011): Documentary Jeremy Zerechak time documenting Info-Tech, exploring the impact that explores the impact this new connectivity has on our ability to remain human, personal privacy and security.

12. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz – 2014): Documentary produced and directed by Brian Knappenberger describing the life of American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and activist Internet Aaron Swartz. The film is narrated by personalities Swartz’s life, including his mother, sisters and girlfriends.

13. Within Google ( Inside Google): Documentary National Geographic in which the origins are presented, evolution and challenges of Google one of the most important companies in the era of the Internet and that more has influenced our lives.

14. We are legion: the story of hackers (We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists – 2012): Documentary Brian Knappenberger describing the work and beliefs of the hacktivist collective “Anonymous”.

15. The Pirate bay, away from keyboard (TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard – 2011): Documentary produced by Simon Klose, based on the lives of the three creators of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, and Gottfrid Svartholm. Filming began in the summer of 2008, some time after starting the trial against The Pirate Bay, and was completed on August 25, 2012. You can watch it on movie2k filme.

16. Revolution OS (OS Revolution – 2011): Documentary JTS Moore history that traces GNU, Linux and the free software movement.

17. Indie Game (Indie Game – 2012): Documentary Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky, describes the path of independent game developers, how they create their games and how to present them to the world.

18. Video Games: The Movie (Videogames: The movie – 2014): Documentary Jeremy Snead describing how they are made, marketed and consumed video games, looking at the history, art and culture through the eyes of game developers, publishers and consumers.

19. Hackers 2: Operation (Track Down – 2002): Directed by Joe Chappelle, revolves around computer adventures of Kevin Mitnick (Skeet Ulrich), one of the most famous hackers in the world. Kevin tries to hack into the security system invented by a government expert, Tsutomu Shimomura (Russell Wong).

20. Linux Code (Track Down – 2002): This documentary tells of the history of free software from the GNU / Linux project.